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PSAT Workshop & Results

The PSAT is the first step in the college admissions process.  It is not an admissions test but is used by colleges for recruitment.  Students who do very well on the PSAT have the opportunity to earn money for college from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.  Being a "National Merit Scholar" or even "Commended" by this organization is very prestigious and will help students stand out when they apply to college.   Furthermore, the PSAT is a great way to offer students early exposure to standardize tests.  Building comfort with these test often leads to high scores on the SAT and ACT.  In fact, College Board, the organization that creates and administers the PSAT,  SAT, Subject and AP Tests notes that students who take the PSAT score much higher on the SAT!

Kaplan provides a free mock PSAT test which simulates actual test conditions.  We use the same script as the official PSAT proctors and the same test materials.  The only difference is that schools will never see these scores.  The test is over 2 hours long.  Students may bring a graphing calculator (no cell phone calculators allowed) and a number 2 pencil.  Students are also welcome to bring small snacks and water to be consumed during the 5 min breaks.

The test has 5 sections and covers critical reading, math, and writing skills.  There are 2 sections on critical reading; 2 sections on math; and 1 section on writing skills.  The score from the PSAT can be used to make a general prediction on how a student will perform on the SAT, which is required for college admissions. Students attending this must be able to attend the results seminar on Oct. 4.

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