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Asian Art Museum - February 2013

Under works; subject to change - please do not use to plan

  • Date: Saturday, February 23, 2013
  • Reporting time at the museum: 10am sharp (irrespective of time of the guided tour)
  • Guided tours : 9:30am, 10:30am
  • Where: Asian Art Museum (link opens in another window/tab)
  • Limit: 200 attendees per time slot; at least one adult per family, and at most one adult per one attending student
  • Cost: Free for pre-registered and confirmed members only
  • Transportation: Parents are responsible for transportation. Using the BART is highly recommended - no change of train is needed and the museum is a three minute walk from the Civic Center BART station.
  • Food: Parents are responsible for snack/lunch. There are no designated lunch facilities for groups. Weather permitting, many groups elect to picnic outside at the Civic Center green. In the event of rain, the museum can only offer limited space for groups to eat lunch.
  • Bags larger than 12 inches by 12 inches are not allowed in the galleries and must be stored as a group. Any essential supplies that you wish to take into the galleries must carried in a bag smaller than 12 inches by 12 inches.
This member only event is available by pre-registration only.
  • Not a member? Please join first, then register for this event..
  • Not sure what your TGIF registered e-mail address is? Confirm your e-mail address first. Please use only a TGIF registered e-mail address to register for this event.
We, as TGIF parents, encourage our children to learn and appreciate all the cultures and ethnicity. What better place to take our children to learn about other cultures than museums? We are so fortunate to be living so close to awesome Asian Art Museum! TGIF is honored to facilitate a trip to Asian Art Museum. Asian Art museum is having a special display of Guided tours of Maharaja and Deities, Demons galleries. Docents will be stationed in the four galleries to give highlights and answer questions.
Please visit the following websites for more information:
After the complete rotation, groups are free to explore the other galleries on their own, exit and re-enter.